Google Plus Invite From Sam Bell

Check out this brief demonstration of Google Plus and the benefits of using the new social network from the big G. Be sure to leave a comment so you can get a personal invite from me as well!

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Facebook comments:


    • Sam Bell says

      Its setup to be competition as far is the Big G is concerned but for us as marketers its a great tool, invite sent!

  1. says

    Hi Sam, one of your traffic sniper pupils here. :-) As usual, your presentation is worthwhile and contains a lot of useful info.

    Yes I would like an invite!


  2. says

    I sure was heartbroken when I could not make the July Madison County REIA meeting to hear you speak! I hear it was incredible – but as a long time student of yours – I already knew it. Please send me an invite to Google + – I need some extra leverage to market our short sales properties in North Alabama!

    • Sam Bell says

      Hey Camile,

      Good to hear from you and know worries I’m sure I will be back, check your email invite has been sent!

  3. khalid hamad says

    hi sam bell this was khalid from youtube and please invite me to google+ i would appreciate it ALOT. cheers!

  4. Vincent says


    You’ll always up on every new buzz or gadget online, so yes I want an invite.

    Thank you so much Sam!

  5. John Fink says

    Thank you, Sam. I’ve been hearing a lor about Google + but didn’t really understand what it was all about. You explained it and its importance in a ver clear and easy to understand manne. I hope I’m not too late to get an invite.

  6. daniel hinton says

    hey sam its daniel from youtube, this is a nice website :) so can i have a invite please? i subscribed to this newsletter and your youtube page!

  7. stephen moniz says

    hey sam, thanks for the quick vid, glad ur working with 123, im sure we’ll see u soon!
    hook me up with the google +, need to move my ass with that- thanks for the push!

  8. Dave Ono says


    Very cool idea to share your invites. I’d love to get onto google plus. Any plans for you to build a course on how to leverage this platform?

    • Sam Bell says

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for dropping by and yes I may do a training course on G+ once I get some other projects off the table. I sent your invite too so check your email.

    • Sam Bell says

      Hi Debbie,

      I just sent you an invite, and just know the possibilities are huge with this social platform, enjoy!

  9. Richard says

    Hey Sam,

    I’ve been putting off getting into the social networks, but obviously it’s becoming a business necessity and not just a fun time tool. Thank you for the demonstration and for making this simple enough for the rest of us.

    Best regards,
    Richard <

    • Sam Bell says

      Hey Richard,
      You are right social media and business go hand and hand and you definitely want to take advantage of it. I just sent your invite too so check your inbox.

  10. Kayla says

    I was wondering if you had anymore Google + invites to spare and if so could I Please get one? I would love it!

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