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Identifying and Communicating with Your Target Audience

When it comes to making money online through Facebook Advertising, there’s a specific way to target people for your ads. And, because in today’s world people don’t like being sold to, it’s also important that you communicate with your target audience without sounding too sales-like.

An Introduction to The High Ticket Avatar Method

By now, you should understand the key metrics to look out for when running a Facebook Ad Campaign. You would have seen these metrics in action with our example Webinar Sales Funnel. And, you should know that a successful campaign centers around leveraging the metrics that you can incrementally improve in order to provide higher profits. These are your conversion profit levers.

The Webinar Sales Funnel III: More on Conversion Profit Levers

In the last blog post, I introduced you to conversion profit levers, the metrics on your ad campaign that we can incrementally improve in order for it to provide higher returns. You also saw an example of one such conversion profit lever when we multiplied our Net Profit by approximately 7.5 times over by quadrupling our ad investment and hence increasing the number of webinar attendees. Today we’ll carry on from where we left off on the last blog post.

The Webinar Sales Funnel II: An Introduction to Conversion Profit Levers and Getting the Most Out of Your Ad Campaigns

In the last blog post, I presented you guys to an example Webinar Sales Funnel. I also made it clear that underspending in the initial stages of your campaign and cutting your investment too soon can hurt your business in the long run. Data gathering is extremely important. It lets us know what’s working and what’s not. Focusing on the short-term and being hesitant about your initial ad spend is NOT the way to go.

The Webinar Sales Funnel I: Data Gathering and Ad Underspending

In the last blog post, you got to learn some of the key metrics in Facebook Advertising and why they matter. In the next few blog posts, we’ll start to go through an example sales funnel in order to cement what you’ve learned into your minds and further your knowledge. You’ll get to see a couple of those key metrics in action and also understand how to optimize these for a successful ad campaign. I’ll also point your attention to some of the most common mistakes I see people make time and time again when using Facebook Ads.

The Most Important Metrics in Facebook Advertising

The first thing any beginner should do before jumping into Facebook advertising is to understand the most important metrics to track. Knowing these and how they can affect your campaign can be the difference between making your ads a success or a failure.